About The Designer 

Designer Ayanna Henderson-Baldry started her career as a costume designer for Film & Television.  She was always interested in fashion and design and quickly realized that she would eventually be producing, designing and creating her own collection.  Her first collection Erudite was a full blown fashion line that was carried in Japan and better boutiques across the U.S. and Europe.  In 2009, faced with outsourcing her fabrics to stay relevant, she started rebranding her styles, making and sourcing her collection in Los Angeles.  She opened her first flagship store in Pasadena, CA and started her second wind as a fashion-forward retailer...selling classic style for several years.  This was very rewarding but she missed having her own collection and full creative control.   

a.Bohemia & The Wolves started with just a few pieces, and offers a seasonal Los Angeles approach to fashion.  Everything is conceived, designed and created here in Los Angeles California with a limited edition high end feel.  Creating jobs, love and energy here in her beautiful hometown.   A free spirited classic approach to fashion and lifestyle, with a collection that stays current and fresh. 

a.Bohemia & The Wolves is sold in select boutique locations nationwide and is also available here at our online store.